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The following CD is a collection of original Country & Western songs, music and lyrics by David Fey. Nine of these selections were written by David prior to his first novel, Whitetail, and were quoted in part, as lead-in script to several chapters of the book. Additionally, David undertakes, specialized songwriting for customers on a contract basis.

Mother Lode CD"Mother Lode" by David L. Fey
David displays formidable talent as a songwriter and musician in this collection of twelve songs ranging from country rock to ballads to blues. David's vocals, guitar and harmonica work are accented by brother Eddy Fey on bass and synthesizer, Jim Plano on drums, Anne Bostwick on backup vocals, and even a bit part for a Harley-Davidson Low Rider. Acoustical and digital engineering by Eddy Fey. All songs Copyright © 2001 by Falcon Publishing Ltd.

The CD "Mother Lode: Songs from the Novel Whitetail" is available for $12.95 plus applicable tax and shipping.

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Clip 1, "Mother Lode"

Clip 2, "Have One on Me"

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By David Fey

Done set my mind on finer times I'm on the road, my friend
Southwest bound for a border town I'm three sheets to the wind
Well, there ain't nothing at my back to make me turn and look around
What's left behind is out of mind, I hear those Texas sounds

I got a golden chance to take a stance a little further down the road
And it feels so good I must be making time with the Mother Lode

I'm a brother to night time and a creature of the moon
One man to bay, too old to pray, called away too soon
I'm dirty and I'm thirsty from being on the road
And it feels so good I must be making time with the Mother Lode

Don't fry no salty bacon, just to grease those pots and pans
Corn bread rough ain't good enough to feed a starving man
I said I'm hungry and I'm thirsty, and I don't like being used
Been put in chains, left to blame, generally abused

I've been shoved around a little, but only by the wind
And I lost the cross so long ago I don't know what it meant

Repeat Chorus:


Repeat Chorus:

Fine time's a state of mind, my woman she don't care
Try to find piece of mind while putting on the airs
I said you one-eyed queens and two-faced gals will take a man to shame
One gonna make you cripple while the other one make you lame

But I've never crawled, hey that ain't all, I don't take it slow
And it feels so good I must be making time with the Mother Lode

Repeat Chorus:

By David Fey

Got some paper from the man, and a pencil in my hand
Hardest part is who to send it to
Can't say much 'bout my past, it was hard, it was fast
Few more words before my time is due

It says…

Sell my bike, with all its chrome, sell everything I own
Spend it all on some mash from Tennessee
Gather all the angels 'round, when they put me in the ground
Then tell 'em all, won't you Have One on Me.


Have one on me, there ain't no sin
Gonna change this mess I'm in
It's my time, now all my debts are paid
Gather all the Angels 'round
Then pass that bottle down
Have one on me, when they carry me away

I've been wrong, I've been right, danced with devils in the night
Take the blame for everything I've done
In this my last request, I wish all my friends the best
Have one on me, then bury me with my gun

Put Bill Harley and Arthur D, in the front to carry me
Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson at each side
Jack Daniels in the rear with the woman who put me here
I'll be waitin' when her turn arrives




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